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Cotton Weary Presents Shaolin Rap

Cotton Weary Presents Shaolin Rap

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Yet another ancient relic, Cotton 'hosted' a stupid mixtape full of never-was hip-hop acts (plus VJett and Matty Doobs...Jett Row 4Life!) from around Shaolin back in the day, though of course he graciously included some of his own magic so as not to have the entire project be a complete waste!  Own this piece of hip-hop lore before it's out of reach and out on the heap!


    1. Jett Row - We Gon Blow
    2. VJett - Get Fly ft. Cotton Weary
    3. THC - Sayin My Name ft. Crucial and Flipdiscripped
    4. Matty Doobs - Find Me
    5. Cotton Weary - Everybody's Got Their Something
    6. VJett - Clowns
    7. Juliette Lewis - Do Me A Favor (skit)
    8. Cotton Weary - No Time To Waste
    9. Cotton Weary - Spin Me Round
    10. Mark D - Staten Island Man
    11. Crucial - See The Top ft. JoJo Pellegrino
    12. Cotton Weary - Black X-Mas
    13. THC - Coast To Coast
    14. Cotton Weary - A Neat Little Ditty
    15. Cotton Weary - Chien-Ming Wang
    16. Matty Doobs - Palookaville
    17. Matty Doobs - Stuff In The Basement ft. Cotton Weary
    18. Cotton Weary - Creatures Of The Night
    19. THC - At First Glance ft. Aje
    20. VJett - God Body
    21. Cotton Weary - And I'd Do It Again
    22. Cotton Weary - Never An Easy Way

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